Wood Coatings

Additionally, our NC products are used is wood coatings for high gloss, wash-ability and amenability to spray painting. NC is contained in primers, intermediate coats and top coats. Nitrocellulose is primarily used in combination with alkyd resins (nitrocellulose combination lacquers). It is also contained in acid curing lacquers and two component (two-pack) polyurethane coatings in order to accelerate solvent evaporation and to provide a harder coating film. NC coatings are very easy to apply. They give a smooth and decorative surface much more readily than water-based coating systems do.

Our Significant Advantages

  • Exceptional accentuation of wood grain
    (Wonderfully decorative)
  • Rapid drying
  • Excellent polishing properties


Recommended NC products for wood coating:

  • Primer: E400, E510, and E560.
  • Sanding-sealer: E330, E335, E400, E510, E560, E620, and E840.
  • Matt lacquers: A500, E510, and E560.
  • Buffing finishes: A400, A500, E400, E510, E560, and E620.
  • Dip coatings: E330, E335, E400, E510, E560, E620, E840 and E950.
  • Coatings for piercing: E400, E510, E560, E620, and E840.
  • Floor coatings: E400, E510, E560, and E620.
  • Fillers: E560, and E620.

E560 is the most popular product for its best combination of easy application and high resistance to cold cracking. Granular NC is best for where only one solvent is to be used.


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