When it comes to coatings and printing inks, our Nitrocellulose products are the prime choice. This is not only because of our state-of-the-art machinery and outstanding quality products; but also due to our unrivaled prices, flexible method of payments and shipments, and also fair and speedily offers.

  • CFR, CPT, and …
  • Negotiable payment term
  • Payable on Receipt (Cost against Document), Usance LC, Sight LC, TT, and …
  • Orders ready for transport within ten calendar days

Yes. We provide free samples!

Customers may order 0.5 Kilo-grams samples free of charge


Granular NC: 20-25 kilo-grams laminated bags (20% Dibutyl phthalate as plasticizer to phlegmatize)

Alcohol NC: 30 kilo-grams fiber drums (30-35% water and alcohol as damping agent to phlegmatize)

Lacquers: 220 liter special metal barrels



We Provide Free Samples