Gonabad Industrial Group

A leader in the agricultural and mechanization industry

Gonabad Industrial Group has started its activity in the field of agriculture since 2000 with registration number 410. The main activity of the company was agricultural machinery, especially tractors and harvesters, which had been started with the exclusive representation of Belarus Tractor (MTZ).

Expanding the sales and after-sales services network across the country was one of the most important parts of the company’s activities during those years. After a while, in order to help farmers to get high quality agricultural inputs, our company has imported corn seeds exclusively from Forbis seed of Turkey since 2016, and fertilizer by getting the exclusive agency of the Adriatica company from Italy since 2019. Currently, we have sales networks in all provinces of the country.

In order to reduce the expenses and with an industrial approach, Gonabad Industrial Group has established its agricultural machinery production and assembly line in Gonabad city in 2022 with a capacity of 1500 machines per year. Also, it has started producing some varieties of corn seeds through parental lines, which is a knowledge-based project. In addition, the processing and packaging line of fodder beet silage and other new fodders will be opened soon.

In order to complete its product portfolio, this company regularly tests more than 150 new varieties of vegetable seeds every year and after very detailed technical evaluations, commercializes and introduction to the market will be made.

Gonabad Industrial Group is going to add various crop protection chemicals to its portfolio in order to complete its basket in the near future.