About Us

Gonabad Industrial Group

A leader in the agricultural and mechanization industry

Gonabad Industrial Group was founded in 2000 with registration No. 410 in Iran The aim of this company was to produce and trade agriculture products at first and civil and construction works and general trade in other stages.

Managers of the company have a long record in various business areas under the names of Shargh Company, Turkmen Inter Industries, Bakhtar Kaveh and Rah Tusheh Khorak. Import of Izhevsk Motorcycle, export of saffron, raisins, garments, leather, trucks and other items, import and transit of petroleum products from Turkmenistan is a part of the Company manager’s activities.

Gonabad Industrial Group started its first agriculture activity by obtaining exclusive representation of Belarus Tractors (MTZ) which proceeded to import more than 150 heavy tractors that created turnover more than $ 6 million for the company.

Other activities of the company are design and construction of residential and commercial buildings in Tehran which led to a brilliant resume for the company. The high speed of execution and the quality of work are characteristic of the company’s construction activity.

Other major activities of the company are general trade with CIS countries as well as China. For example, Linter imports from Turkmenistan have been one of the company’s latest activities. Its powerful business partners and extensive communications with them have led that goods purchased are available for Iranian customers in the best quality and best price This extensive communication has also led to the creation of strong financial channels with China and the UAE, thereby facilitating the company to receive money.