Printing Inks

Our nitrocellulose products is used in liquid printing inks, for instance for printing plastic films and aluminum foils intended mainly for food packaging. The printing methods involved are rotogravure and flexographic printing.
Printing inks containing nitrocellulose result in graphics with high brilliance and high resolution. The rapid and complete solvent evaporation obtainable with nitrocellulose-based printing inks allows high printing speeds to be achieved on modern high speed printing machines.
A crucial factor for food packaging is the fact that nitrocellulose is toxicologically harmless. As nitrocellulose is produced from a natural macromolecule (cellulose) it does not contain any toxic monomers.


Our Significant Advantages

  • Wide compatibility with many other binders and plasticizers
  • Solubility in and compatibility with many organic solvents
  • Ultra-transparent and clear film
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Free of monomers
  • Rapid evaporation of solvents (rapid drying)
  • Extremely low solvent retention
  • Gloss

Recommended NC products for both rotogravure and flexographic printing inks:

  •  A400 (low-viscous) and A500 (medium viscous) in low-nitrogen types (low degree of substitution).
  • AM330 in low- viscous and medium-nitrogen types (medium degree of substitution).
  • E330, E335, and E400 in low- viscous and highnitrogen types (high degree of substitution).
    As seen above, A500 is our specialized product with medium viscosity, yet the rest are low-viscous. This is best for printing inks for packaging.
    Choose Granular NC if only ethyl acetate is the solvent; otherwise, alcohol NC is recommended.

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