Nitrogen content



Low nitrogen grades (Type A) are extremely soluble in alcohol. They are used in the formulation of spirit based inks, such as flexographic packaging inks. Low nitrSave changesogen grades are also used where higher thermo-plasticity is required, such as in heat-seal lacquers.

Nitrogen content: 10.7 % – 11.3 %

Degree of substitution: 1.89 – 2.05

NC with a nitrogen content of 10.7% to 11.3% has the designation A , as this nitrocellulose is soluble in ethanol (= Alcohol).

 A products are particularly characterized by their thermoplastic behavior. This is important for heat-sealing foils and/or films.  A  products are preferred in the production of printing inks because of their solubility in alcohol.

Varnish films of  A  products display a poor resistance to ethanol with the result that they are rarely used in wood coatings.


  • Properties of A products:
  • Formation of films with thermoplastic properties (heat-sealable, e.g. for coating of aluminum foils)
  • Fast solvent evaporation
  • Good blending properties with aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Solve specific coating related problems, such as:
    • Dilute coatings with any amount of ethanol (wood polish)
    • Low odor coatings (printing inks)
    • Gel-type dip coatings
    • Heat-sealable coatings (cellulose film and aluminum foil coatings)


Nitrogen content: 11.3 % – 11.8 %

Degree of substitution: 2.05 – 2.20

NC with a nitrogen content of 11.3% to 11.8% has the designation AM, as this nitrocellulose is partially soluble in ethanol (=Alcohol Medium-soluble).


  • Properties of AM products:

AM products lie in their behavior between the  A   and the  E -ones. They are used only in a few special areas, e.g. in the coating of cellulose films or staple coatings (which are actually glues to keep the staples together).


We may also produce your desired lacquer with your given formula.


For coating finishes, there are two kinds of nitrocellulose lacquer:

  • Water-based nitrocellulose lacquer used in tannery industries as leather surface layer.
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer used in paint business for automobiles, appliances, furniture, musical instruments, caskets, and other products.

Our durable nitrocellulose lacquer which is extraordinary in ease of application and in color retention can be produced with some different grades (up to 35% dried materials) depending customer's order.

This quick-drying NC produce a hard yet flexible and durable finish that can be polished to a high sheen.


High nitrogen grades (Type  E ) are preferred in general lacquer applications because of their superior compatibility with a wider range of resin types and higher tolerance for aromatic diluents. Their use can result in the formulation of more economical solvent mixes.


Nitrogen content: 11.8 % – 12.3 %

Degree of substitution: 2.20 – 2.35

NC with a nitrogen content of 11.8% to 12.3% has the designation  E  , as  this nitrocellulose is soluble in Esters (the  A  and AM-ones are also soluble in esters of course).  E  products are the standard grades for wood and leather coatings. In comparison to the  A  and AM-ones  they are more resistant to alcohol.


  • Properties of E products:
    •  Form hard films
    • Very fast solvent evaporation
    • Easy to dilute with alcohols, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
    • Attain very good mechanical properties (cold check, elongation, hardness, tear resistance)



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